My Birth Doula Service

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After our initial meeting and contract signing we will meet twice before your birth to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I will help you learn labor positions and set birth goals to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible. After you turn 37 weeks I will be on call 24/7 day or night until you go into labor and deliver your new bundle of joy. 



When your labor begins I will provide full support to you and your partner during this time. I will be that helping hand to help remind you and your partner of all the labor positions and goals that were set in place to help you along your labor and delivery experience. Once baby is born I will provide new born support by helping with breastfeeding and settling in with your new Family.   

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 I will help you learn basic breastfeeding techniques that will help you breastfeed more efficiently, making sure your baby is latching correctly and helping you identify feeding behaviors, and feeding ques.

Birth Doula Services Booked All of 2022

Cost: $1200.00
My Postpartum Service
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This service helps mom, her partner and new baby adjust to being home. It can also allow for mom and partner to catch up on sleep, work, and/or any other thing that need to be done. I come to your home and help with baby by assisting with newborn care like diapering, bathing, and comforting. I also help with siblings care, light housekeeping, light meal prep, running errands, and helping mom through physical and emotional recovery after birth.  

Postpartum Hourly Rates

Daily Support: $40.00 per hour and Nightly Support: $45.00 per hour, with a minimum of 4 hours per visit. Can be customized to fit your needs.

Welcome Home Postpartum Experience

I will meet you upon your return home from the hospital (or when the midwives leave your home birth). I will provide you support while you settle in with your new baby.

Cost: $200.00
Parents with Newborn Baby
Cooking Together
28 hour Postpartum Support (Days/Nights)

This package comes with 7 (4 hour) postpartum care visits to be scheduled after baby's arrival.

Day Cost: $1120.00
 Cost: $1260.00
14 hour Postpartum Support (Days/Nights)

This package comes with 4 (4 hour) postpartum care visits to be scheduled after baby's arrival.

Day Cost: $560.00
Night Cost: $630.00
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