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The Birth Sista Reviews

Carissa Wishard

Zeriah was my Doula! And trust me, she's the best! We ended up moving and she still was on the phone while I was pushing cheering me on and coaching me while I was crying that I couldn't do it. Having her was 200% everything I needed.

Ashley Strickley

Zeriah was so amazingly wonderful and we could not be more grateful to have her be a part of our birthing experience. From the prenatal visits to checking in postpartum, Zeriah was encouraging and full of passion. During labor she came right over and was so helpful that I almost didn’t even know she was there. She guided my husband and I into the right positions and gave us the extra push we needed to switch things up😉. Although she was unable to come into the L&D room with us, she was so helpful in advocating for us and making sure we were seen ASAP. She is confident and competent and we couldn’t have done it without her. The best part of all was showing up to the hospital at 10 cm and ready to push!

Rasha Coleman

Zeriah made our birth experience exactly what we wanted and more. We were first-time parents doing a home birth and she made sure we were well prepared. Zeriah was very informative and interactive. My boyfriend and I started to not use a doula. However, I am so very grateful we did. We wouldn’t have had the same experience without her. She made my family and I very comfortable and aware of all that we needed to know for prenatal, birth and postpartum. I would highly recommend her services. You will not regret the hard work she puts into making sure you have the best experience possible. Thank you Birth Sista!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was absolutely terrified. My husband and I had little knowledge of the birthing process, preparing for a baby, breastfeeding, postpartum, and etc. After weeks of research and peer opinions, we decided to find a doula. We found out about Zeriah from word of mouth and scheduled a meeting with her. We absolutely loved her presence from day one. Throughout the pregnancy, she helped me work through my fears, educated my family, and supported us all the way. Zeriah is an amazing Doula!

Terry Vines

Mrs. Zeriah is (fire)🔥🔥🔥🔥, not only for the mother, but the father support was well needed. The level of knowledge shared encouraged, highlighted the importance of the supported needed. I personally recommend her support to, and for any new family. V/r

Its been over a year since The Birth Sista helped me bring my LO Earth Side & she was EVERYTHING I could have imaged a Doula to be...
What I Loved the Most about her was her Pure Positive Energy Vibe... But she was also Down to Earth, Accepting of the things I wanted & didn't want, went with the flow, came with the FACTS yet was Gentle & Emphatic & Fun to be Around and you could tell that she was about that life (being the gatekeeper to us, she was going to be willing to protect our space, peace & decisions from anyone who would TRY IT, LOL)!
Our Prep sessions were warm & comfortable & fun, she tackled all the questions we had with ease... She included my Mr. in everything and made it known that he was as much part of the birthing process as I was...
She was the only Doula I actually interviewed (after, of course, researching and stalking 300 million, lol) but I knew when I choose her as my "1st" interview that she would be the one! She was all of the above and you could tell she Loves what she does, not to mention she has worked with the Creme de la Creme of Holistic Birthing in the area and in other neck of the woods; which makes her Top Tier in my Book!
I knew I had to choose her once I asked her a 'hard hitting question' which she said no one had ever asked her... ask her! She might not remember but HINT: her answer was that she comes from a Fact Base Perspective & thats what sets her apart... MANG! that did it for me!

Zeriah was amazing with me and my first child. She was understanding in moments where I felt defeated. She was encouraging and she came quickly when I told her I thought I was in labor. As a first time mom I had so many doubts about the experience of hospital births and having a child in general. She reassured me in every doubt I had. And SHE WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING! She even gave advice about breast feeding, changing diapers, things baby needs etc. If I ever have another child Ill be calling her on speed dial! If it wasn't for her I dont think my birth would have went as well as it did. Thanks again Zeriah!

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