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Birth Doula Service 

A Birth Doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support during a woman's pregnancy, labor, and birth. Their scope of practice includes providing evidence-based information, relaxation techniques, massage, and other comfort measures to help mothers have a positive birth experience.

Service Price
$1,200.00plus tax

Payment plans are available. 
Not Currently Accepting Insurance

Our Onboarding Process


2-Step Consultion Process

The first step to onboarding is when you reach out to inquire about our services. You will be reaching out to our team lead and she will ask you questions and ask that you fill out a questionnaire to fit you with your perfect doula match.

The second step will be when the doula that best fits you makes contact and schedules a consultation with youi.


Follow Up  Call

After your consultation, you will be contacted by our team lead and she will ask you how your consultation went and if you would like to move forward with that doula or if you would like to consult with another doula on our team. If you choose to continue with your current choice we'll move into step three.


Contract Signing 

Once you had decided to move forward and add us to your birth team you will be sent two emails one will be the contract and the other will be the invoice; Both must be completed to move forward. Please be aware that people are consulting with us every day so there is a chance that your due date availability could become unavailable if this step is prolonged.


Scheduling Your first Prenatal Appointment

Once step three is complete your doula will contact you to schedule your first prenatal appointment. Please make sure to put this appointment date in your calendar. All prenatal appointments are done in the client's home.

Our Service Breakdown

Prenatal Appointments

After your Consultation and contract signing, you will meet with the doula four times before you go into labor to get to know each other, your concerns, and your needs. Your doula will help you learn labor positions and set birth goals to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible. After you turn 37 weeks the doula will be on call 24/7 day or night until you go into labor and deliver your new bundle of joy. 

Birth Attandance

When your labor begins your doula will provide full support to you and your partner during this time. they will be that helping hand to help remind you and your partner of all the labor positions and goals that were set in place to help you along your labor and delivery experience. Once the baby is born they will provide newborn support by helping with basic breastfeeding needs and helping you settle in with your new Family.   


Postpartum Check-ins

Once you have had your bundle of joy, your doula will check in on you twice to ensure you are doing well physically and mentally. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions about postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Your doula will have the option to check in via home visit, Virtually, or Phone call. These visits can last up to 2-hours.  

Please leave your info and we will reach out to book your consultation!

We Serve All of Hampton Roads

Chesapeake| Suffolk |Norfolk| Virginia Beach| Hampton| Newport News| Portsmouth
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